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MACRA, QPP, PAMA: Part 1 for Radiologists

8-Part Series for Radiologists: Protecting your Medicare Revenue Stream in 2017-2018 Part 1: Introduction   Over the past 20 years, Radiologists have experienced a significant decrease in Medicare reimbursements.  Two governmental payment schemes may put even more of your dollars at risk.  However, they also can provide potential upside opportunities... View Detail

Can AI product really reveal your personality fingerprint?

Social Media May be Revealing More than you Think... Start-up's AI Software Assesses Your Online Digital Fingerprint for Insights into Your Personality Myriad of Potential Uses... At this year's Consumer Electronics Show (CES17) in Las Vegas I invested two full days walking through the Eureka Park showcase.  This is where hundreds... View Detail

Artificial Intelligence – Is Healthcare Ready?

In mid-December 2017, Children's Hospital of Orange County's (CHOC, California) Medical Intelligence and Innovation Institute hosted the first annual Artificial Intelligence in Medicine (AIMed) conference. The formal name for the event was The First International Multidisciplinary Symposium on Artificial Intelligence in Medicine: Analytics and Algorithms, Big Data, Cloud and Cognitive Computing,... View Detail

Introducing Your Practical Resources for the Health Information Technology (HIT) Community

Healthcare is complex. It is increasingly hard to keep up with all the advances, opportunities and tools that we apply to practical problem-solving and growth. In the United States alone, there are a cacophony of rules, regulations and solutions that are ever-changing. Much of our skill sets and knowledge today... View Detail