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A Health IT Accelerator Product Review and Offer:

Public Speaking is one of the Most Common Fears…

Effective Communication is Critical to Your Personal Advancement

Now Leverage AI Speech Coach to Improve Your Public Speaking Skills

Dear Colleague (who wants to improve):

How we present to others is an important skill to master.  We use our speaking skills not only for large group presentations, but within committees, meetings and day-to-day discussions.  Yet most of us have not had formal assessments on how well we are doing.  Now a company has come along who has leveraged artificial intelligent and thousands of hours of input and professional analysis to provide us the equivalent of a profession speaking coach.  By analyzing a recording of our presentations up to 10 minutes in length, this AI speech coach provides us feedback on many attributes of our communications, such as:

·       Pace

·       Pausing

·       Variety of Speaking Energy

·       Variety of Pitch

·       Clarity

·       Volume

After analysis, the system reports opportunities to improve annoying habits of our speaking, such as:

·       Use of “um” and “ah” and several other filler words.

·       Use of Upspeak (rising inflection at the end of phrases)

·       Condescending tone

Colleges and Universities Have Built Courses around This Product

The academic world has created courses around this product to improve the communication skills of the students.  This allows the professor to quickly identify opportunities for each student for coaching and personal improvement.  Some testimonials are offered on the website:

Oral expression is the most highly valued ability throughout the economy and ranks as the second most highly-valued skill for high-wage, high-growth, high-skill occupations. 

--Georgetown University,
Center on Education and the Workforce

“This is a tool I was always looking for, since I didn't have enough time as I wanted to commit to public speaking training programs.”

--MBA Student

Introducing VoiceVibes

How does an AI speech coach work?

Professional coaches analyzed thousands of hours of recordings to create the foundation for the VoiceVibes’ propriety voice analysis algorithm. Machine learning of this data allows the product to identify the specific attributes listed above. It then classifies our speaking into categories they call “Vibes”. These categories help to predict how an audience would perceive us, providing  opportunities to improve and then specifically coaches us on how to get better.  Categories include:

·       Detached

·       Captivating

·       Assertive

·       Nervous

·       Condescending

·       And 15 others.

Personally my Achilles’ heel was “boring” – a transient blow to my ego.  So I studied the VoiceVibes tips for my speech and put them into action; watching my trends improve on subsequent recordings.  It really is like having a professional speech coach who is always available. I have downloaded their app on my iPhone and my iPad, let it record my presentations live, then upload the files at my convenience.  The analysis is then done on their servers and presented on their secure website.

On a personal note, it has made me more attentive not only on my speaking, but as I listen to others.  I suspect this “awareness” is part of my self-improvement.  After all, who wants to be “boring” or “condescending” when they present. My full review is on the right.

Most of us can use some help…

As a special offer for our Health IT Accelerator readers, we have secured a $30 dollar discount on the already incredible price of $189 for a one-year subscription. So for only $159, you can take advantage of this incredible offer.  I have seen improvements over the two months of my use and look forward to the results from a full year of coaching.  I hope you take advantage of this offer and put it to use.  It is so easy to record a presentation on your smartphone or tablet and get timely feedback to improve your speaking.  You can access the offer through the link below:


P.S.  After using these, please share your experiences below:


Speech Analysis Dashboard provided by VoiceVibes

The VoiceVibes Dashboard provides a useful analysis of your speech characteristics.

My Thoughts for the Product

Personally, I liked the fact that the smartphone and iPad apps allow me to record on the fly and analyze at my convenience.  I found the analysis quite amazing and on point.  It is really fun to look at my trends and see improvement on subsequent presentations.  The price is amazingly low.

I would like to see a better printable report.  While the dashboard is helpful, I like to sometimes print things out and file them for later review against a later report.  The yellow areas did not show up well when printed.  I would remedy this by getting a screenshot and saving on OneNote or EverNote for later review.

Also, it is not intuitive that you have to log in to the website to see the final report.  It is actually a good thing, since a bigger monitor is helpful.  But for some reason, I keep looking on the mobile app for my reports.

I am excited about the technology and would love to see an algorithm developed with nurses to monitor their style when giving discharge instructions to patients.  Due to HIPAA concerns, this would best be used not at the bedside, but in training labs where nurses are given scenarios to educate a simulated patient and then coached for improvement.  With healthcare literacy such an issue (i.e. patient's not really understanding what we are telling them at the time of discharge about their home care.) it would be nice to better train nurses on communication.  A doctor module likewise would be helpful.

I really like this product and found the price point to be very affordable to anyone who would like to improve.  For the price of one or two hours of private coaching, you get a full year to monitor yourself and improve.  I have improved in most categories except still excel in "boring".   I'm glad I still have 10 months left to improve.

Dr Phil Smith

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