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We established this store to provide you with resources to help you solve real Health IT problems. Whether for personal improvement/growth or to better your current organization, we hope you find resources at the AHI MarkITplace that will accelerate your journey.  We offer our products in digital download format and provide a unconditional 30-day refund guarantee*.  And we hope you will continue to provide us with your comments on future products and suggestions to improve our current ones.  We look forward to your comments and wish you success.

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Content Topics

Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Medicine

  • AIMed: Artificial Intelligence in Medicine - eBook
  • Voice Vibes - AI Speech Coach - Third Party Solution

EMR/EHR Optimization

  • Getting Value From Your Electronic Health Record (Cerner and Epic focused) - Audiocourse
  • Making Computerized Provider Order Entry (CPOE) Work - Third Party Solution

Medication Management

  • Med Wreck: Proposing a Solution for the Nightmare of Medication Reconciliation - eBook



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  • Third-party Content*
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A History of AI in Medicine

AIMed:  Artificial Intelligence in Medicine:

Analytics, Big Data, Cloud and Cognitive Computing, Databases and Deep Learning in Healthcare and Medicine

by Anthony Chang, MD, MBA, MPH, MS

What is AI?  What is the language of AI in medicine?  What does it mean for our future?

Dr. Anthony Chang, the director of Medical Intelligence and Innovation Institute at Children's Hospital of Orange County (CHOC, California) takes us through a journey from the 1930's through the present day to help us learn from the past and anticipate the future of AI in Medicine.


Available for Immediate Download.

Retail Price: $29.95

The VoiceVibes Analysis Dashboard

VoiceVibes - AI Speech Coach

Public Speaking is one of the most common fears.  Most professionals in our field find themselves in front of an audience:

  • Presenting a paper
  • Promoting an idea or initiative
  • Leading a meeting

Effective communication is critical to our development and image.  VoiceVibes now offers an opportunity to review your public speaking and provide useful feedback on how you can improve.  Read our review on the product here.




*This product is available through our independent affiliates and not on this website. Please see their terms and conditions.


Available as a special offer subscription through this link.

Retail Price:  $189/yr.

Special Offer:  VOICEVIBES $159 OFFER

EMR/EHR Optimization


3.5 hours audio

Getting Value From Your Electronic Health Record (EHR)

by Drs. Bret Shillingstad and Phil Smith

Duration: 3 hours, 26 minutes.

This is a real idea-generator for anyone who want to leverage their EHR to begin to add value to their hospital and providers.

Drs. Bret Shillingstad and Phil Smith, physicians with extensive experience implementing Epic and Cerner EMRs respectively, have a frank discussion on where hospitals should be looking to leverage their EHRs for achieving improved patient outcomes and return on investment. Includes a course outline to facilitate your notes.


Available for Immediate Download.

Includes six mp3 tracts and a Course Outline for you to take notes on your favorite ideas.

Retail Price:  $199.00

Special Offer:  $109.00 (save $90)

Making CPOE Work

Making Computerized Provider Order Entry Work

by Philip A. Smith

Dr. Smith has automated over 60 hospitals and numerous clinics. He wrote the first book dedicated to CPOE and how you  drive high levels of physician EHR adoption.  He takes the reader beyond the mechanics of implementing CPOE to the principles of leading physicians and executives through any workflow/technology change.  A valuable read to any organization struggling with EHRs and physician adoption.  Essential for anyone who wants to avoid the mistakes made during implementation as you optimize your EHR platform.

*This product is available through our independent affiliates and not on this website. Please see their terms and conditions.


Available at Amazon* as hardcover and Kindle editions.

Published by Springer*, London 2012 where free preview is available.



Cover of Med Wreck ebook

Med Wreck: Proposing a Solution for the Nightmare of Medication Reconciliation

an e-Book by Dr. Phil Smith

As Americans take more and more medications we see increasing risks of errors and harm.  While medication reconciliation (Med Rec) is a common process to address the risks, it still remains an extremely time-consuming and flawed process.

In this free e-Book, reviews the current state of medication management in the United States and reviews the many flaws.  He discusses why many in the industry refer to this broken process as "Med Wreck."  He proposes a solution to the problem that could create safer medication management throughout the healthcare industry.

Dr. Smith hopes that individuals not only read the book, but also share it with their physicians, their family and their friends.  He hopes to create a national dialogue on the topic of Med Wreck, and bring about solutions that will improve the safety, effectiveness and efficiency of medication management for everyone.

He has encourages you to download his free Patient Medication List for yourself and your loved ones.

Download your free copy of this e-Book today.  You have our permission to forward it to family and friends.  Let's spread the word and start a movement.

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