Navigating the Health IT Accelerator site

How to Navigate this Site

Our goal is to make this site easy to navigate.  We have selected major topics followed by subtopics and lots of links that we think make sense.

  • Health IT Resources: This is our launching pad for most topics of interest for those in healthcare information technology (HIT). One significant sub-topic is Population Health.
    • Regulatory Resources: This is where you can find sub-topics of interest such as MACRA, PAMA, CMS Conditions of Participation (COP).
    • Leadership Resources: Leadership resources include content on Change Management, Leadership and Governance
    • Career Development: These resources will help you advance your career in Health IT.
  • What's New: News and Topics with a special sub-topic on advances and use of Artificial Intelligence.
  • Community Forums:  This is where our community can share their observations and create dialogue on a variety of topics.  We will be adding an FAQ (frequently asked questions) area as you submit questions and we get answers.
  • The AHI MarkITPlace:  This is the Applied Health Informatics marketplace.  We hope to have a large catalogue of items widely contributed by our HIT Community.
  • Contact Us:  Leave us your comments and requests for new content.  Join our community and our discussions. We hope you will also be a contributor.  Each of us know something that is worth sharing to others.
  • About Us: We create this site for our community.  It will become what we chose to make it.

However, we all don't think alike.  So we ask you to explore the major tabs and encourage your feedback on how to make it better.  We are interested in your experience with our content, the website and your suggestions on future topics. We are also labeling our original content much like a university catalog.  There will be a seven digit code starting with the year and followed by 3 digits (and future decimal points).

  • 0001-0999 Introductory Content
  • 1000-1999  Beginner Content
  • 2000-2999 Intermediate Content
  • 3000-3999 Advanced Content
  • 4000-4999  Expert Content

We also will be offering both free and paid downloadable content in print, audio and video formats. We will have several blogs, including the AHI Moment,  What's New, and guest blogs.  We encourage your helpful comments and ask you not to use profanity or personal attacks.  Please rate our content honestly so that we know where to focus our efforts to improve.  We hope we can grow this site organically and fill the gaps that are beyond the focus of our professional societies and organizations.