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Protect Yourself from Med Wreck

Many Americans are taking one or more medications every day.  It is important that you know every medication that you take and all the details, including why you take it.  Please take a moment to print out the Current Medications form and not only fill it out, but carry it with you.  And if you have a computer, complete it electronically and save it. Then you can update it whenever your medications change.

As a patient, or even a caregiver, parent, guardian, or adult child of an elderly parent, take the time to get all the medications listed with the specific details.  It will help prevent mistakes and delays when you need it.

Do not fall prey to the common myths:

I know everything I take.  Perhaps you do, but what if you are injured and unconscious?  Would it make sense to have a list of medications in your wallet or purse? Studies have shown that the majority of patients do not remember all their medications or the details.  And if you are already ill, that may impact your ability to remember.

My doctor has a complete lists of my medications. A recent study found that only 25% of doctors felt confident that they had a complete list of medications on their patients.  And remember, the Emergency Room is unlikely to have a list of your medications.

I always take my medications with me. Even if you show up with a shoebox of pill bottles, you may forget the medications in your refrigerator, or the over the counter medications and supplements that you take.  Keeping an up to date list of EVERYTHING you take will speed up your care.

If you have a computer, consider keeping the list on a thumb drive on your key chain.  And make sure a family member has access to your list.

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Protect Yourself from Med Wreck


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