EHR Value

Moving from EMR Expense to EHR Value...

Getting Value from your Hospital's Electronic Health Record (EHR)

Two EMR Experts Discuss the Opportunities for Epic and Cerner Users


It is time for hospitals to realize value from their electronic health records (EHR). Health systems spend an incredible amount on their EHR.  Yet, many don't take the time to fully understand how to turn that expense into a valuable asset. Common signs include:

  • Physician inefficiencies and dissatisfaction
  • Low patient satisfaction scores
  • Low inpatient quality scores
  • Poor ED throughput
  • Patient harm and errors
  • Not achieving HIMSS Analytics EMR Adoption rates at level six or above

Regardless of your electronic medical record (EMR) vendor, you can do more to leverage your EHR as overcome many of the challenges listed above.  EHR Value does not happen by accident.  Move your EHR from expense to valuable asset.

3.5 hours audio

Retail Price: $199.00

Now two EMR experts set aside their differences to share opportunities on Getting Value from Your EHR

Most hospitals have yet to fully realize the benefits of their EHR.  In this audio course, Drs. Shillingstad (an Epic expert) and Smith (a Cerner expert) reveal opportunities for immediate value for both you and your hospital:

  • How to get the most from Clinical Decision Support (CDS)
  • How to better leverage computerized provider order entry (CPOE)
  • How to improve pre-authorization of services
  • Multiple ways to minimize/avoid CMS penalties
  • How to best leverage electronic physician documentation
  • Tips on improving physician efficiency
  • How to better address case management and care coordination
  • Examples of how hospitals have already leveraged Epic and Cerner for big gains

Package includes 6 mp3 tracks that you can download and listen at your convenience.  It includes an outline of the topics so that you can easily add your own notes and refer to the content on each track. This is important for anyone looking to advance their careers and their hospital's EHR.  You will benefit even if you only implement a couple of the ideas presented in this 3.5 hour series.

P.S. Take advantage of the special introductory price and save $90. And remember, if you don't find value, you are covered by our 30-day full-refund guarantee.