Can AI product really reveal your personality fingerprint?

Social Media May be Revealing More than you Think…

Start-up’s AI Software Assesses Your Online Digital Fingerprint for Insights into Your Personality

Myriad of Potential Uses…

At this year’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES17) in Las Vegas I invested two full days walking through the Eureka Park showcase.  This is where hundreds of start-ups from around the world were presenting their new products. I was particularly interested on products leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) as well as potential tools for healthcare.  So in that context, I met Ganesh Iyer, who had a really interesting premise:

Let my application see your online social profile and ten personal photos that you like (with or without people in them), and we will determine:

  • Your personality,
  • Professional interests, and
  • Buying habits, down to your favorite colors in less than a minute.”
  • “11 attributes in 13 seconds”
Dotin.US display at CES17 in Las Vegas display at 2017 Consumer Electronics Show

So I loaded my LinkedIn Profile (and/or you can use Facebook and/or Twitter) and ten photos from my Drop Box account. And sure enough, he delivered several items:

  • My Personality (top 5 positive and top 5 negative) Traits
  • My Top Five Personality Matches
  • My Five Favorite Colors
  • My Top Three Gardner’s Multiple Intelligence and Learning Styles
  • My Top Three Hollands Occupational Assessment
  • Employment that Fits Well (and those which don’t), and
  • My Product Buying Affinity (as well as those I don’t buy)

Now, for correlation, I have completed the Gallup StrengthsBuilder 2.0 and the Predictive Index in the past 18 months as well as past personality assessments with Myers-Briggs, DiSC, the Big Five Personality Traits.   I have drilled down into my report and found the strongest correlations on my top five positives and my top five personality matches (i.e. to whom I’m drawn).  One of my negatives was “dull”, which seems to relate to my label of “boring” on my blog last week on the topic of AI assessment of my public speaking.  I will leave it to my readers to draw their own conclusions on the topic.

Parlor Game or Serious Application?

Our readers today can go to  for your free “True Digital Personality Fingerprint.”  You merely share one or more of your online social accounts (LinkedIn, Facebook and/or Twitter) and upload ten of your favorite photographs.  The online servers quickly process and provide your online assessment.  Even at 70-80% precision, it provides some interesting insights that reveal how this AI service can determine your attributes.   The company suggests the following applications of their technology:

  • Targeted marketing
  • Employee engagement
  • Team building
  • Leads generations
Map Screen of KonnectIN
Map shows nearby matches to the user for potential opportunities to interact.

San Jose State University (California, as the KonnectIN mobile app) is hosting a trial of various Dotin features including compatibility matching to improve student retention. The application is helping students identify potential mentors from peers/alumni and potential “good fits” to careers/internships. The core mobile app “IceBreakerQ” locates “compatible” individuals near you to encourage social/in-person activity.

According to the inventor, a South Korean online marketplace uses the personality fingerprint to match products to consumers. The vendor claims a 500% increase in sales. Who knows where this product goes in the future?

We would love to hear your comments on the technology and invite you to go online and participate with their free assessment at In fact, I think many in this community may suggest new use-cases for this innovative technology.

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