Artificial Intelligence – Is Healthcare Ready?

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In mid-December 2017, Children’s Hospital of Orange County’s (CHOC, California) Medical Intelligence and Innovation Institute hosted the first annual Artificial Intelligence in Medicine (AIMed) conference. The formal name for the event was The First International Multidisciplinary Symposium on Artificial Intelligence in Medicine: Analytics and Algorithms, Big Data, Cloud and Cognitive Computing, and Deep Learning in Medicine and Healthcare.
CHOC’s Chief Intelligence and Innovation Officer and the Institute’s Director, Dr. Anthony C. Chang, envisioned the event to bring together over 300 physicians, data scientists, researchers and industry leaders to set the stage for regular collaboration on the topic. This was a significant event to bring important stakeholders together for the getting healthcare ready for the advances that AI will bring to healthcare and medicine.

The conference opened with a series of workshops that provided content for both novices and experts:

  • Primer of Clinical Medicine for the Data Scientist
  • Basics of Data and Databases
  • Cognitive Computing and Natural Language Processing
  • Cloud Computing and Data Security
  • Machine and Deep Learning

The following three days included a quick format of 10-20 minute talks on each of these main areas of focus in healthcare and medicine:

  • Data and Intelligence
    • Big Data in Healthcare and Medicine
    • Health Care Data and Databases
    • Machine Learning
    • Cloud Computing and Big Data
    • Digital Medicine and Wearable Diagnostics
    • Robotic Technology and Virtual Assistants
  • Application of AI in Medicine
    • Decision Support and Hospital Monitoring
    • Medical Imaging and Biomedical Diagnostics
    • Precision Medicine and Drug Discovery
  • Mini Symposium on Deep Learning in Medicine and Beyond

After every few talks, the panelists fielded questions and had open dialogue with the audience.  It was a fast-paced week with solid learning, collaboration and a spirit of camaraderie among these groups.  AI has experienced several hype cycles in the past years, but the confluence of technology and discovery seem to be reaching a tipping point.  Ultimately it is not about replacing humans, but leveraging technology to help us improve our performance and achieve better patient care outcomes. We will plan to regularly share stories and updates on this topic.

Meanwhile, you may be interested in learning about Dr. Chang’s eBook that provides a history of the topic from 1930’s to present day.  You can  purchase his eBook in the AHI MarkITplace and/or access the helpful glossary on the topic.

Fun Fact from the Conference:

In case you missed the Tweets from Karen Zack @teenybiscuit and the many articles published since then, you know that nothing, including AI, is 100% accurate.  So it is important that you accept the fact that a photo of a blueberry muffin can be confused with a head shot of your pet Chihuahua. It may determine if you are get directions to the bakery on the pet store.

Photos showing the similarity of a blueberry muffin and the face of a Chihuahua dog
Chihuahua or Blueberry Muffin. Karen Zack of @teenybiscuit

She has an extensive collection that is fun (“Labradoddle or Fried Chicken”,  “Sheep Dog or Mop”).

Next AI in Medicine Conference is December 11-14, 2017

You may want to hold the date, or learn more now at their website.





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