Artificial Intelligence in Medicine eBook

Bar graph showing percent of patients having 2 or more chronic conditions by age group.

From a Physician at the Forefront of Modern Day Medicine...

Learn the History of Artificial Intelligence and its Application to Healthcare and Medicine

And Understand Why There is so Much Excitement for the Future


Though Hollywood often portrays Artificial Intelligence (AI) as the antagonist that will one day rule over us, Dr. Anthony Chang, the director of Medical Intelligence and Innovation Institute at Children's Hospital of Orange County (CHOC, California) takes us through a journey from the 1930's through the present day to show us another side.  Not a story of imprisonment, but rather human empowerment - as we leverage AI for better analysis, better decision-making and ultimately, better outcomes. Dr. Chang writes a concise, fascinating history and paints an exciting future in this Artificial Intelligence in Medicine eBook.

Topics Include:

  • The Origin of AI in Medicine
    • The History of AI
    • The History of AI in Medicine
  • The Present Era of Cognitive Computing & Machine Learning
    • Current Applications of AI In Medicine
  • The Future of AI, Deep Learning and Beyond

Learn the basics of weak vs. strong AI.  the growth of current applications of AI in medicine and the differences between System I (fast, intuition-based thinking) and System II thinking (slow, conscious thinking, see diagram).

Diagram of Fast vs. Slow Thinking models
Systems Thinking Models Considered in AI

Extensive Bibliography and Glossary of AI Terms

Dr. Chang has included numerous examples and diagrams as well as selected readings and books on the topic. He has written a great summary for those interested in the topic as well as for those seeking a starting point into this aspect of healthcare. The Glossary is available on this website and you can download the Table of Contents and the Introduction for free.

You may want to purchase the eBook today for immediate download for only $29.95.  Once you have read, please share your comments below.


Cover of AI Medicine eBook
A History of AI in Medicine

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