AHI Moment

Photo of AHI tuna to abbreviate Applied Healthcare Informatics

What is the AHI Moment?

And it has nothing to do with tuna…

One of our Twitter accounts for this site is @AHIMoment, a word play on the phrase “aha! moment“.  I suspect many of us are aware of this “eureka effect” when we have an epiphany into a problem that we have mulled in our heads for some time.  Hopefully through this website we can provide some quick tidbits of information that will lead you into some new insights for your own problem solving.

As we were envisioning this website community HealthITAccelerator back in 2012, we wanted to fill the gap for the numerous roles in health IT:

  • Physicians (in many disciplines)
  • Nurses
  • Pharmacists
  • C-level executives, directors, managers
  • Analysts
  • Clinical and systems architects
  • Programmers/coders
  • Project Managers
  • Researchers
  • Subject Matter Experts (SME), including those with interest in Health IT
  • And many more

While there are numerous specialty organizations that provide certifications, journals, annual conferences and many forums, it seemed like there were still a large number of individuals who have not joined, engaged, certified or aligned themselves to them. Over our careers we have worked with some wonderful individuals and teams and discussed how we might provide an option that could fill in some of the gaps.  Also we wanted to create a “marketplace” for content sharing (both free and paid) that could provide practical applied tools and ideas without competing with the peer-reviewed research and professional societies. So we really felt that Applied Health Informatics (AHI) might be the best theme. So we made the code word:  “AHI MarkITplace” for our working name.  We really considered to have a stylized tuna (for those that love ahi tuna) as our logo/mascot.

There is so much to do, as evidenced that we started planning in early 2013 and now are launching in 2017.  The company is called Applied Health IT Experts, LLC to acknowledge our roots, and as tribute to our contributors (present and future).  We chose the domain name to indicate that we hope to provide you proven content to accelerate your growth and effectiveness within our community.  We are providing the bulk of the revenue to the content authors and hope to keep the prices low and affordable.  We hope our revenue-sharing model will encourage you to be a contributor as well.

We will have our challenges:

  • How much content do we start?
  • What topics will be hot, and which will be ignored?
  • Who will be the critics?
  • Healthcare faces rapid changes in delivery/reimbursement  models, technologies and the role of the IT workforce

However, there are numerous benefits of a site like this:

  • Downloadable content can be readily available to users
  • Users’ comments can help shape and refine the content and topics over time
  • As a small company we can adapt quickly to the needs of community

However, the most important thing is that we all have so much to learn from one another.  We hope that we can help you find your voice and harvest your experiences (successes as well as failures).  There is a story within each of us.  Make it your AHI Moment.  We hope to learn from you.


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