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Learn from the Applied Health IT Experts themselves

The cost of everything is going up.  And student debt along with it. We may not have an extra $2,500 (or more) and four days to attend that national meeting.  There is so much to learn, and so little time.  Like me, you may have wondered "Where can I get access to great healthcare IT content on my time and my budget?"

You may be looking to:

  • Expand your depth of knowledge on a topic or two
  • Expand your breath to new areas
  • Explore the field and see what it offers

Why here, why now?

We are blessed with so many professional organizations in healthcare.  They offer us great journals,  extravagant annual meetings and useful continuing education.  Equally important, they lobby for our field at the national level and connect us with our business partners.

But it takes a lot of resources to run these organizations.  Big sponsors, big grants and big overhead.  It's no wonder that the meetings get more expensive. Not to mention that hotels and travel seem to ignore the 2% inflation curve. And many of these organizations cater to a focused audience. How do we innovate when our ListServe discussions are only with people in the same role?

So we needed options.  Options for those of us, who:

  • Just want some information for personal growth
  • Want to be part of a diverse health IT community, not a sliver
  • Want information from those in the trenches, fighting the good fight every day.
  • Have to better manage our travel and educational expenditures.

The Senior Editors began assessing the needs for this site back in 2013.  What do we need?  How would we accomplish it? What's in it for you?

It made sense that we start organically, find a healthy balance in content and growth. Most importantly, we want to leverage the great experiences of  our friends and colleagues in the trenches. They are the true applied health IT experts (and why we named the company Applied Health IT Experts LLC).

Health IT Accelerator - A community and marketplace for Health IT ideas and sharing

Our Health IT community is broad and diverse. We can slice and dice ourselves many ways:

  • By title:
    • Executives
    • Directors
    • Managers
    • All types of analysts


  • By role
    • Informaticians (physicians, nurses and pharmacists)
    • Technicians
    • Programmers
    • Project managers and change managers
    • System engineers
    • Cyber security
    • System and clinical architects
    • Subject matter experts (clinicians, regulatory and compliance experts)
    • And the operational roles (financial, HR, recruiting, business analysts, report writers) that support IT departments


  • By career journey, those who are:
    • New to Health IT
    • Contemplating Health IT
    • Supporting others in Health IT
    • Those who are expanding their knowledge, skills and abilities
    • And those who have lessons learned to share with the community.

Community occurs when people engage

It is challenge to know where to start on an endeavor like this.  There will never be enough content.  And we want to keep it simple and friendly. We started with some smattering of content on things like artificial intelligence in medicine, leadership, change control principles and some information on MACRA, a new Medicare payment change that went into effect January 1, 2017. We posted a few lectures on YouTube and some articles on LinkedIn and Twitter (@AHImoment).

You can engage by:

  • Leaving us your first name and email
  • Suggesting content topics of interest
  • Reading content and leaving your comments
  • Downloading content from the Store
  • Forwarding links to a friend or colleague
  • Sharing ideas with your team
  • Contributing content

As we launch in the Summer of 2017, we will have some bumps in the road.  That is the beauty of Health IT and of a Website - they both are flexible and enjoy progressive refinement.  Please be patient and help us learn.

Leave your comments to posts.  Engage with some content.  Tell us what topics interest you - and which ones miss the mark.  Remember, with digital content and great feedback, it will always get better.  We hope you find this site helpful and visit often.  Check out the links below that most interest you.  And if you haven't left your email, please do so we know how we can better serve you.  Thanks for visiting.


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