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A place where we can learn from each other:

Healthcare Information Technology (HIT) is a complex field. It’s hard to keep up with all the advances, opportunities and tools that we apply (or could apply) to practical problem-solving and growth. In the United States alone, there are a cacophony of rules, regulations and solutions that are ever-changing.
We can’t afford to attend every conference and join every professional organization. While conferences are great for a deep dive in an area and to network with our peers, we often miss the opportunity to cross-pollinate on topics outside of our own roles. And yet, each of us has done (or will do) something that no one else does.
Much of our skill sets and knowledge today will be obsolete in two to five years. As our academic peers and researchers pave the way for the future, let’s not forget the many successful engagements and tools.
This site is designed as your accelerator for Health IT resources and growth.