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Why are we here?...

Or more important, what do you need?

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The past decade has been amazing for Healthcare Information Technology (Health IT).  We have seen explosive growth in both people in our field and the scope of the challenges we tackle.

Odds are, you fall into one of the following:

  • Entered the field in the past 5-10 years.
  • Looking at Health IT as a new opportunity.
  • Been in the field over a decade and experienced the incredible change.

When Marci Denn and Phil Smith started envisioning this site in early 2013, we saw some basic needs in our community.  Yet, like many of you, we were all hands on deck with both EHR implementations to meet Meaningful Use and strategic initiatives to more our organizations and clients forward with optimizations and benefits realization.  We were very blessed in our experiences.

Not everyone was realizing the benefits of automation

We saw a lot going wrong across the industry as large numbers of seasoned clinicians, people from outside of healthcare, and new graduates entered the field and were taking on complex projects.  As clinicians who had made the transition to informatics years earlier, we had time to learn the at a reasonable pace with reasonable expectations.  Not so much now. Since 2010, it has been a flurry of activity at every level of healthcare.

Yet many of the roles posted for hire today want 2-3 years experience before you need apply.

If you're not green and growing, you're ripe and rotting.

Add to this conundrum the fact that the skills needed in this field are an interesting mix of standards, methods and innovation. They are both broad and deep. One needs not only a foundation in the basics of Health IT, but an opportunity to learn beyond their area of expertise.  You have to be continuously learning in this industry - constantly expanding your knowledge beyond your basic role. In academia, they call it be "publish or perish".  In the trenches, it is "growth or obsolescence."

And there are all the professional meetings...

If you at the executive or director level, or in academics, you probably attend a professional meeting or two each year.  There are great organizations out there who bring together the thought leaders, the vendors/suppliers, and those of us who can afford the thousands of dollars for registration, food, lodging and travel. We love these meetings for the education and networking opportunities.  We enjoy the keynote speakers.  Yet the vast majority of our industry are not able to take part in these experiences. And it is hard to predict which meeting is going to be the "one" you need, right now.

And we tend to stay with our tribe...

At the meetings, we often hang with the same folks.  And our "ListServ" discussions tend to be with people like us - same roles, same experiences, same solutions. When the big issues arise during the year, there seems to be little collaboration across roles and organizations.  Yet for every problem we face in every organization, there is the high likelihood that someone else has already seen it, solved it, or determined what "definitely does not work."

And finally there is our personal/professional growth

Whether you are new to the field, looking to move to a new role or new responsibilities or just interested in topics outside of our personal expertise, wouldn't it be nice if we could pull together the collective wisdom of those in the field who already have the skills, knowledge, abilities and the experience on a topic.  Not just written or researched a paper, but has actually implemented a solution.

Thus Applied Health IT Experts and HealthAccelerator.com were born

We envision this as a marketplace and a community.  We are dedicated to advancing the knowledge and skills of the HIT community through:

  • Access to education, training, information, and
  • Engagement for practical application and career growth.

We have created this site for you - the Health IT contributor. Every one of us have accomplished something. We each have our stories, successes and yes, even our failures.  This is where you can begin to share "your expertise". This is where we can learn from those who have gone before us. We hope you become an active contributor this this community.  Each of us have at least one story to share.

Our editors and contributors will strive to serve you through adherence to our core values:

• Listen and respond to the voice of the community
• Leverage experienced, reliable and trusted resources
• Provide value-add solutions that can be applied to daily practice
• Stand behind our products and services
• Promote innovations that drive better outcomes
• Connect our diverse workforce through an expanding, comprehensive marketplace (The AHI MarkITplace)

We cannot possibly anticipate every need of this community. Therefore we appreciate your feedback on our posts, our content and our products.  We will strive to improve and expand to address your needs. And while focused on the U.S. healthcare system, we hope our content will provide value beyond our shores.

Leave us your email. We hope that you will become a valuable contributor to our marketplace through your comments and content.

About our Senior Editors:

We are both clinicians who have worked in a variety of executive and leadership roles and today in our individual health IT consulting practices. While we consult with health systems, hospitals, clinics and technology companies we both actively mentor people in our field.

Photo of Marci Denn

Marci Denn, MS, RN-BC

Marci has over 20 years of clinical leadership experience focusing on healthcare technology development, implementation and support for Integrated Delivery Networks and Population Health initiatives. She has a broad range of informatics experience including strategic planning, project management, process redesign, implementation, training, adoption, benefits realization, optimization and sustaining support. Her passion is mentoring and growing informaticists; as well as ensuring the patient is the central focus of all initiatives. <<Learn More>>

Philip A Smith, MD

Phil Smith, MD, FAAFP

Phil now has 40 years healthcare experience as a practicing family physician who moved into informatics in 1993 when he deployed an EMR in his office in 1993.  In addition to starting a medical practice, he has been in hospital operations as a CMO, served almost 13 years in two CMIO roles and invented several health it solutions.  He holds Boards in Family Medicine and the subspecialty of Clinical Informatics. He loves to mentor physicians entering informatics.  This is his first foray into a web-based business. <<Learn More>>

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